It was with great pleasure for representatives of Pomerania Brokers to take part in the significant maritime industry event, the „Polish Ports 2030” Congress, held on June 10-11 in Sopot. The second edition of the Congress was a tremendous success, becoming one of the largest economic events focused on the maritime sector. The event attracted over 750 participants and several dozen speakers including government officials, port authorities, construction companies, designers, logistics firms, offshore wind companies, and insurance industry representatives.

The importance of the „Polish Ports 2030” Congress

The conference agenda included discussions on the future and development directions of Polish ports, featuring nine thematic panels, open discussions, presentations, and lectures involving representatives from key companies and institutions. The topics covered not only port development but also crucial issues from the perspective of insurance and risk management, such as such as security and cybersecurity.

Pomerania Brokers and port security

As an insurance broker, Pomerania Brokers recognises the increasing threats to businesses and organisations connected with critical infrastructure, such as seaports. Therefore, we invite you to collaborate with us and follow our website, where we will soon publish a series of articles addressing the latest challenges related to risk management and security. Our presence at the Congress demonstrates our commitment to the development and safety of Polish ports, as well as our readiness to support Clients in providing appropriate insurance protection in the rapidly evolving maritime industry.

Supporting the development of offshore wind

During the Congress, the future of smaller ports on the Polish coast was also discussed, with optimism towards the development of the offshore wind sector. It was announced that service bases for Polish wind farms will be established in several smaller Baltic ports. With our experience and network of international contacts, Pomerania Brokers is ready to support these initiatives by offering insurance solutions tailored to the specific needs of the port and offshore wind sectors.


Pomerania Brokers’ participation in the „Polish Ports 2030” Congress is another step in our commitment to the development and safety of Polish ports. We are proud to be part of such important events that shape the future of the maritime industry in Poland. Our presence at the Congress also provides an opportunity to establish new contacts and exchange experiences, enabling us to better understand our Clients’ needs and offer them the best possible insurance solutions.

We extend an invitation to collaborate with Pomerania Brokers – an insurance brokerage firm that is always close to the most important initiatives in the maritime industry.

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