During a New Year’s meeting with a glass of champagne, the Management Board of Pomerania Brokers together with the Employees summed up the activities of the year 2023. The meeting was made unique by fact that the founder of Pomerania Brokers, President Maria Niewęgłowska, was celebrating the 30th anniversary of her brokerage activity. Initially run as a sole proprietorship, the business was transformed into a company – Pomerania Brokers in 2009, which has been flourishing and operating to this day. Over the years, the Company has increased the number of clients, increased the number of brokers employed, and expanded the scope of its business to include reinsurance brokerage.

“Thanks to the commitment of all the Company’s Employees, who are focused on continuous development, today we are a professional company whose main concern is the well-being of our Clients”. – With these words, the President concluded the summary and invited all the participants to a delicious cake.

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